Cannes Vintage-1968 Edition

POster of the 21st Cannes Film festival
Ana Maria BahianaMay 19, 2018

The 21st Cannes Film festival began like any other, on May 10th, 1968. The opening film was a freshly restored version of Gone with the Wind,...

Mia Farrow, Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate in Cannes 1968
Ana Maria BahianaMay 14, 2018

Before the whole festival imploded under the pressure of a growing number of filmmakers and artists, several films were screened to mixed...

Geirge Harrison, Jane Birkin and Ringo Starr in Cannes 1968
Ana Maria BahianaMay 9, 2018

Cannes 1968 was the festival that never ended. It made perfect sense in a year marked by turmoil, drastic change, growth spurs, counterculture and...

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