Cecil B deMille Award

Actor and singer Bing Crosby, Cecil
Philip BerkJuly 15, 2019

Beginning in 1952 when the Cecil B. deMille Award was presented to its namesake visionary director, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has...

Oprah Winfrey
Margaret GardinerDecember 13, 2017

We celebrate Oprah Winfrey not only for all she has accomplished, as a woman, an artist and a leader, but also for owning her style. She knows who...

Actress Meryl Streep, Cecil B. deMille recipient
Mahfouz DossMarch 14, 2017

انتخبت وفازت ميريل ستريب بجائزه سيسيل ب.ديميل تعطى هذه الجائزه الى نجم من نجوم الفن الذين أضافوا تراثا فنيا ثمينا لأعواما عديده .تسلمت ميريل ستريب...

Actress Meryl Streep, Goldem Globe winner
Ana Maria BahianaNovember 3, 2016

Meryl Streep is the recipient of the Cecil B. deMille Award of the 74th Golden Globes. With eight Golden Globes and 29 nominations, Meryl Streep...

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Ana Maria BahianaNovember 20, 2015

Fifty six years before Denzel Washington, the recipient of our Cecil B. deMille Award 2016, Maurice Chevalier held the very same trophy. On March...