China box office

Hollywood films in China
Meher TatnaAugust 12, 2019

One in an occasional series exploring the state of Hollywood films in global markets.When high hopes for the box office for Pacific Rim were...

Scene from "Capernaum"
Serge RakhlinJuly 16, 2019

Look what globalization can do for a small movie from Lebanon: the Golden Globe nominee Capernaum made $ 50 (fifty!) million… in China!Пути...

Scenes from "The Wandering Earth", 2019
Serge RakhlinMay 21, 2019

We are witnessing another attempt by China to beat the United States at its other best game – science-fiction movies. One of the most successful...

Hollywood films in China
Serge RakhlinMarch 21, 2019

If there are any casualties of the US trade wars with China, it isn’t Hollywood. As they say, someone’s pain is another person’s gain -this person...

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