Animator and director Jonas Rivera
Rocio AyusoJune 19, 2019

Hace 25 años Jonas Rivera no era más que un becario recién entrado en Pixar de apellido mexicano pero sin hablar una palabra de español. Media...

Composer Germaine Franco
Gabriel LermanJune 7, 2018

La próxima semana llegará a los cines norteamericanos Tag, la comedia protagonizada por Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Jake Johnson e Isla...

Scenes from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, “Molly’s Game”, “The Post”, “The Greatest Showman”, “Coco”, “I, Tonya”, and “The Shape of Water”
Lorenzo SoriaJanuary 1, 2018

2017 has been a tumultuous year. A reality TV-star turning into a President without precedent managed to inflame passions on the right, on the...

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Scenes from the films Coco, The Disaster Artist, Paddngtom 2 and I, Tonya
Lorenzo SoriaDecember 11, 2017

Another slow pre–Star Wars weekend saw Coco – a nominee for the Golden Globe of Best Animated Picture - take first place again both in the US and...

Scenes from "Coco", "Justice League", "Murder on the Orient Express", "The Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" and "Lady Bird"
Lorenzo SoriaDecember 4, 2017

This uncluttered post-Thanksgiving frame left the US box office without a single major wide release, but several returning titles and expanding...

Scene from "Coco"
Lorenzo SoriaNovember 27, 2017

At the weekend box office Disney’s Mexican themed Coco finally moved North of the border and took first pace from Justice League with a $49...

Actress Ofelia Medina
Gabriel LermanNovember 2, 2017

Mucho antes de que Salma Hayek reverenciara a Frida Kahlo en la película que le dejó su única nominación al Oscar, otra actriz mexicana la...

Mexican actress Sofia Espinosa
Gabriel LermanOctober 26, 2017

Es una de las actrices jóvenes más prometedoras de México, no sólo porque se ganó el Ariel por convertirse en una de las cantantes más conocidas...

Brad Bird, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Benjamin Bratt and Anthony Gonzalez
Ana Maria BahianaJuly 17, 2017

Animation, the very core of the Disney empire, always comes first at D23- and the 2017 edition was no exception. A slew of new animation features...