Comic-Con 2017

Actor Josh Holloway at Comic-Con 2017
Scott OrlinJuly 22, 2017

“We left the block and we are out and about,” reveals Josh Holloway, talking to the HFPA at Comic Con 2017 about Season 3 of this hit show Colony...

Actor and Golden Globe winner Colin Firth at Comic-Con 2017
Ana Maria BahianaJuly 20, 2017

A Golden Globe winner and a gentleman, Colin Firth got things started on the HFPA Comic-Con lounge with an animated chat about his return as Harry...

Actor Pedro Pscal at Comic-Con 2017
Gabriel LermanJuly 20, 2017

Quienes hayan visto Narcos seguramente se quedaron impactados por su labor como Javier Peña, uno de los dos agentes de la DEA que persiguen a sol...

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