Scenes from D23 2017
Ana Maria BahianaJuly 17, 2017

Every two years, since 2009, the Disney empire pounds the drums, sounds the clarions and gathers the tribes of fans and franchisees for one...

Gwendoline Christie, Rian Johnson, Laura Dern and Mark Hammill
Ana Maria BahianaJuly 17, 2017

On Day 2 of D23, Disney announced a powerful slate of live-action pictures, including an enhanced look at one of the studio's crowning jewels -...

Brad Bird, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Benjamin Bratt and Anthony Gonzalez
Ana Maria BahianaJuly 17, 2017

Animation, the very core of the Disney empire, always comes first at D23- and the 2017 edition was no exception. A slew of new animation features...

Actors of Marvel movies at D23 2017
Rocio AyusoJuly 16, 2017

Quince superhéroes de la Marvel. Un pequeño batallón de Jedis y de los peores enemigos de Lucasfilm. Y la magia de una niñera de siempre capaz de...

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Actresses who voiced Dsney princesses at D23 2017
Rocio AyusoJuly 16, 2017

Todas las princesas de la segunda edad dorada de los estudios Disney se dieron cita en la celebración del D23, la mayor convención de todo aquello...