Doris Day

Actress and singer Doris Day, Golden Globe winner, Cecil B. deMille recipient
Philip BerkNovember 25, 2019

Beginning in 1952 when the Cecil B. deMille Award was presented to its namesake visionary director, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has...

Singer and actress Doris Day, Word Favorite and Ceci B. deMille recipient
Yoram KahanaMay 18, 2019

Doris Day, who died age 97 was Everybody's Darling, to quote the title of the 1999 TV documentary The Doris Day Story. Day, the box office record...

Singer and actress Doris Day
H.J. ParkMay 14, 2019

Doris Day, actress, singer, and animal advocate died on May 13th at the age of 97. She was a talented entertainer who could act nicely in a...

Doris Day, World Favoriteewinner and Cecil B. deMille recipient
Ana Maria BahianaMay 13, 2019

Doris Day, iconic actress and singer, and passionate animal welfare activist has died, aged 97. Day – born Doris Mary Ann Kappellhoff – received...

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Doris Day, Golden Globe winner and Cecil B. deMille recipient
Philip BerkApril 6, 2019

It’s been 30 years since the Hollywood Foreign Press Association honored Doris Day with the Cecil B. deMille Award for lifetime achievement. And...

Rock Hudson and Doris Day at the 1960 Golden Globe Awards
Ana Maria BahianaDecember 29, 2017

Born on November 17, 1925, in Winnetka, Illinois, and named Roy Harold Scherer, Rock Hudosn went on to break hearts on the big screen. Your...

Doris Day and her Cecil B. deMille award, 1989
Ana Maria BahianaApril 2, 2017

We want to be among the first to wish a very happy 95th birthday to Doris Day, actress, singer, Hollywood legend - and, with 11 nominations, five...