A scene from "Shazam", 2019
Mario AmayaApril 15, 2019

En su segundo fin de semana, la película Shazam! de Warner Bros. agregó 35.9 millones de dólares de 79 mercados para impulsar el total mundial a $...

A scene from "Dumbo", 2019
Mario AmayaApril 1, 2019

La película de acción en vivo Dumbo de Disney logró coronarse como la película número uno en el planeta con un recaudo de 116 millones de dólares...

A scene from "Dumbo", 2019
Serge RakhlinApril 1, 2019

All the imagination of master of imagination Tim Burton was not enough to make a live-action version of Disney’s animated masterpiece Dumbo fly...

Scenes from "Dumbo", "Us" and "Captain Marvel"
Lorenzo SoriaApril 1, 2019

Disney's live-action remake of Dumbo made it out of the circus tent this weekend with a far from spectacular $45 million launch. Coming 78 years...

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Scenes from D23 2017
Ana Maria BahianaJuly 17, 2017

Every two years, since 2009, the Disney empire pounds the drums, sounds the clarions and gathers the tribes of fans and franchisees for one...