Emily Blunt

Actress Emily Blunt, Golden Globe nominee
Rocio AyusoDecember 30, 2018

¿Hay algo que Emily Blunt no sepa hacer? Se hace muy difícil de pensar. Solo se podría añadir eso de ¿hay algo que Emily Blunt no sepa hacer bien...

Emily Blunt
Silvia BizioDecember 17, 2018

“There is a fragility to our times right now, many people feel disconcerted, and I think Mary Poppins is an enormously healing and unifying...

Naomie Harris, Emily Blunt and Rosario Dawson
Margaret GardinerApril 9, 2018

Ethnic trends are being celebrated in head gear that first appeared at the Golden Globes and later established their place at the Black Panther...

Margaret GardinerOctober 3, 2016

Men are still trending blue, while women continue to embrace flowers, textures, and march to the beat of their own drum.

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