The Exorcist

Actor Max von Sydow
Luca CeladaMarch 9, 2020

Max von Sydow, six foot four, blonde and stoically Nordic, came to embody the archetype of the Scandinavian actor, lending grace and gravitas to...

The Exorcist movie poster
Silvia BizioNovember 15, 2017

Roger Ebert perhaps said it best: "I am not sure exactly what reasons people will have for seeing this movie because it's a raw and painful...

Writer William Peter Blatty, Golden Globe winner
Yoram KahanaJanuary 16, 2017

William Peter Blatty, winner of three Golden Globes has died, age 89. Blatty was an author, who also wrote his own screenplays, and produced some...

A scene from the Tv series The Exorcist with Alfonso Herrera and Geena davis
Rocio AyusoJuly 19, 2016

Alfonso Herrera está en lucha con el demonio como el protagonista de la nueva serie The Exorcist. Pero el actor mexicano de 32 años es más veces...

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