Filmmakers Autobiographies

Producer and director Stanley Kramer
Jean-Paul ChailletJuly 10, 2020

“It has been more than sixty years since I came to Hollywood, first to learn how to make films and then to make them myself. I have now made...

Filmmaker Vincent Sherman , Golden Globe nominee, in 2004
Jean-Paul ChailletJune 12, 2020

In 1996, ten years before his passing at age 99, Vincent Sherman published his autobiography simply titled "Studio Affairs: My Life as a Film...

Director Jean Renoir
Jean-Paul ChailletMay 14, 2020

In “My Life And My Films” published in 1974, five years before his death in Beverly Hills at 84, Jean Renoir takes the reader through his rich...

Filmmaker Vittorio de Sica, Golden Globe winner
Jean-Paul ChailletMay 8, 2020

“June 15, 1964: I just got a request from America to publish my diaries. But I never wrote them with any literary ambition, and since I do not...

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Edward Dmytryk
Jean-Paul ChailletApril 22, 2020

In the summer 1947 Edward Dmytryk, known as Mr. RKO, was riding high on the wave of the recent success of his latest picture Crossfire. That film...

Filmmaker Max Ophuls
Jean-Paul ChailletApril 3, 2020

It was August 1945 and in his two-story house on Whitley Terrace in the Hollywood Hills, Max Ophüls had started writing a personal bio at the...