Hall H

Anthony Mackie, Natalie POrtman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Angelina Jolie at the Marvel presentation at Comic Con 2019
Brent SimonJuly 23, 2019

All throughout San Diego Comic-Con 2019, there was a feeling of anticipation hanging heavily in the air. Some studios chose to sit out the massive...

Westworld panel at Comic-Con 2019
Brent SimonJuly 23, 2019

While erstwhile global smash hit Game of Thrones was somewhat busy, in the tradition of Albert Brooks, defending its life at a Comic-Con 2019 post...

Jared Leto as a hologram, Warner panel Comic-Con 2017
Luca CeladaJuly 22, 2017

And on Day Three, more heroes came forth: Warner Bros. blew the roof off Hall H with a loaded presentation that included Blade Runner 2049,...

Actors Colin Firth, Channing Tatum and Halle Berry take thestage at Hall H, Comic-Con 2017
Luca CeladaJuly 21, 2017

Wednesday was preview day and the last calm before the storm in San Diego with the first visitors allowed on the convention floor for an early...

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