Hero Moment

Actress Danai Gurira
Brent SimonJuly 20, 2019

The Walking Dead has had no shortage of core cast members depart over the years, from Jon Bernthal, Scott Wilson, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan to...

Actor Norman Reedus
Brent SimonJuly 20, 2019

Its very title provides a hint at its mortality and high rate of turnover, but there’s an undeniable shadow hanging over the upcoming 10th season...

Actress Colbie Smulders
Brent SimonJuly 20, 2019

“It’s mainly just a kick to the balls — I think that’s what we’re really just going to be honing in on,” said Cobie Smulders during a recent stop...

Actor George Takei
Brent SimonJuly 19, 2019

“At five years old I was classified as an enemy and threat to national security,” said George Takei during a recent stop by the HFPA Comic-Con...

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