Presenters of the 2020 Philanthropy Gala
October 1, 2020

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) announces the second wave of actors, artists, and activists participating in the “HFPA Philanthropy...

HFPA Philanthropy: Empowering the Next Generation
Luca CeladaSeptember 23, 2020

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association supports over 70 organizations active in journalism, film restoration, education, and other charitable...

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HFPA member Jack Tewksbury
HFPAAugust 23, 2020

Longtime Hollywood Foreign Press Association member and a regular contributor to this website, Jack Tewksbury has died on Saturday, August 22nd. “...

HFPA president Ali Sar
HFPAAugust 14, 2020

Following its by-laws, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has named Ali Sar President of the HFPA, replacing recently deceased Lorenzo Soria...

Lorenzo Soria, HFPA president, 1951-2020
Silvia BizioAugust 8, 2020

Lorenzo Soria, presidente per la terza volta della Hollywood Foreign Press Association e storico collaboratore da Hollywood dell’Espresso e La...

Lorenzo Soria, HFPA president, 1951-2020
HFPAAugust 7, 2020

Con gran dolor anunciamos el fallecimiento de nuestro presidente, Lorenzo Soria. Lorenzo falleció hoy en la paz de su hogar, según informó un...

Lorenzo Soria, HFPA president, 1951-2020
HFPAAugust 7, 2020

It is with great sadness today that we announce the passing of our President, Lorenzo Soria. Lorenzo passed away peacefully at his home, according...

Francisco Velasquez
Ersi DanouJuly 2, 2020

Francisco Velásquez, director del programa de producción de cortometrajes de Film Independent, ama el cine desde que era pequeño. Es un hombre...