Ingmar Bergman

A scene from "Summer with Monika", 1953
Paz MataJune 29, 2020

“Nunca he hecho una película menos complicada que Un verano con Mónica. Sencillamente nos largamos a una isla y la rodamos,” decía Ingmar Bergman...

Actor Max von Sydow, Golden Globe nominee
Elisa LeonelliMarch 9, 2020

“I worked with Ingmar Bergman continuously for such a long time when I was young, and it was a very happy time in many ways,” Max von Sydow told...

Actor Max von Sydow
Luca CeladaMarch 9, 2020

Max von Sydow, six foot four, blonde and stoically Nordic, came to embody the archetype of the Scandinavian actor, lending grace and gravitas to...

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