Empty Colosseum, Rome, 2020
Silvia BizioMarch 23, 2020

“We all have to stay at home, we have to do it for everyone's sake and welfare, let's do it all together, albeit separate,” says Italian actor...

Premiere of The Lion King 3D at the Rome Film Festival
Meher TatnaFebruary 20, 2020

One in an occasional series exploring the state of Hollywood films in global markets.In a departure from the trend in other countries, the top-...

A scene from "Indivisible", Italy
Silvia BizioDecember 15, 2016

Two twin sisters - excellent singers – never leave each other’s side. Nor could they, since they are Siamese twins, attached at the hip....

A scene from "My Name is Jeeg", Italy
Silvia BizioNovember 27, 2016

They Call Me Jeeg (Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot in the original Italian), the first feature length film by Gabriele Mainetti (known for animation...

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A scene from "The Ploy" (La Machinnazionne), Italy
Silvia BizioNovember 13, 2016

The Ploy (La Macchinazione) by Italian director David Grieco, recounts the last days of director/poet/writer Pier Paolo Pasolini, who was...