Johnny Depp

Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp
Margaret GardinerOctober 19, 2020

Who is that masked man? Go to the end of the gallery to see if you guessed correctly and enjoy the change the cooler temps are bringing. Coats...

Johnny Depp, Maisie Williams, Joe Alwyn
Margaret GardinerSeptember 28, 2020

Fashion is back. Big names are turning up. Let’s note the trends. Black dominated.

Johnny Depp, Golden Globe winner
Alexander NevskySeptember 3, 2020

Johnny Depp is a recipient of a Golden Globe and a three-time Oscar nominee. His films have grossed more than eight billion dollars worldwide....

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, 1990
Jack TewksburyApril 30, 2020

For over 40 years the HFPA has recorded famous and celebrated actresses, actors, and filmmakers. The world's largest collection of its kind - over...

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Johnny Depp, Margaret Qualley, Julia Garner
Margaret GardinerFebruary 24, 2020

The Berlin International Film Festival demonstrated what we all know: men CAN look amazing on the red carpet. Individualism and flair were the...

Johnny Depp and Director Emir Kusturica in Cannes 1993
Ana Maria BahianaMay 25, 2017

If you grew up under the spell of Captain Jack Sparrow you will probably find it difficult to believe that, back in 1990s, Johnny Depp was the...

Johnny Depp in a scene of Alice Through the Looking Glass
Lorenzo SoriaMay 30, 2016

Sometimes even the well oiled Disney machine stumbles. This appears to be the case with its reported $170-million sequel Alice: Through the...

HFPAFebruary 16, 2011

Johnny Depp talks about the films he saw growing up that influenced him to become an actor