Korean Cinema

Korean director Bong Joon-Ho
H.J. ParkJune 23, 2017

Korean auteur Bong Joon-Ho’s satire Okja, which was shown at Cannes Film Festival in May, was boycotted by Korea’s big chain theaters because it...

A scene from the film "The Handmaiden", 2016
Jean-Paul ChailletNovember 29, 2016

Three years after his first Hollywood foray, Stoker, Park Chan–wook returns home with The Handmaiden, a filmset in 1930’s Korea, then under...

A scene from the film "The Handmaiden", 2016
H.J. ParkOctober 20, 2016

Korean auteur Park Chan-wook’s (Oldboy) twisting erotic thriller The Handmaiden is a marvelously entertaining and cunning con game in which you...

Shin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-hee on set
H.J. ParkJune 12, 2016

Most people may associate the reclusive regime of North Korea to movies through the last year’s breach of Sony computers, following that studio’s...

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HFPAFebruary 4, 2016

Korean director Chang Wha Chung is the godfather of Korean movies and world famous. His specialty was action but he worked in various genres. His...