Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie
Scott OrlinDecember 30, 2019

“I want as many men as possible to see this,” declares Margot Robbie, alluding to her new film Bombshell. In the movie, her character Kayla, an...

A scene from "Bombshell", 2019
Barbaros TapanDecember 18, 2019

Skandal (Bombshell) Fox News'in kurucusu ve CEO'su olan Roger Ailes'in is yerinde yaptigi taciz olaylarinin perde arkasında yaşananları konu...

Actress Margor Robbie, Golden Globe nominee
Paz MataDecember 17, 2019

Dejó las telenovelas en su Australia natal para entrar en Hollywood por la puerta grande. Martin Scorsese, le dio la alternativa con The Wolf of...

Piper Perabor, Margot Robbie, Terry Crews
Margaret GardinerAugust 19, 2019

It’s the dog days of summer. Venice is about to begin. Fashion takes root in the fall. The harbinger of all things winter will begin before temps...

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Taylor Schilling, Laverne Cox, Margot Robbie
Margaret GardinerAugust 5, 2019

On this week’s red-carpet-round-up women wore color. Soft colors in chiffon dominated but black was also seen – scroll through the gallery to see...

Vanessa Hudgens , Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sophia Vergara
Margaret GardinerJuly 29, 2019

Colors were mostly muted though green popped. Men were groomed and women went feminine.

Marion Cotillard, Elle Fanning, Margot Robbie
Margaret GardinerMay 25, 2019

There were big trends in Cannes. Hair close to the skull with controlled cascades down the back; braids and adornments were noticeable, too. Hats...

Margot Robbie, Kate Bosworth, Danai Gurira
Margaret GardinerDecember 10, 2018

Hair trends for the season continue toward tight to the skull, with variations, while men go floppy. Let’s look at some styles that we will see as...

Actress Margot Robbie
Gabriel LermanDecember 26, 2017

La hemos visto como la atractiva esposa de un multimillonario en The Wolf of Wall Street, una estafadora profesional en Focus, la indomable Jane...

Blake Lively, Luke Evans and Margot Robbie
Margaret GardinerOctober 16, 2017

After all kinds of prints, patterns and sheers dominating red carpets around the world all summer, the stars resorted to black, white and blue to...