Director Lila Avilés
Gilda Baum-LappeJune 28, 2019

La ópera prima de Lila Avilés, La camarista, tuvo su estreno internacional en la 43ª edición del Festival Internacional de Cine de Toronto (TIFF)...

A scene from "You're Killing Me Susana", Mexico
Gabriel LermanDecember 4, 2016

Roberto Sneider has only directed 3 films over the span of 23 years. Dos crímenes, his first film, won several awards around the world, including...

Actors Gael Garcia Bernal , Golden Globe winner, in as cene from "desierto" (Mexico)
Gabriel LermanNovember 19, 2016

Jonás Cuarón started to dream about Desierto about a decade ago, when Donald Trump was just a billionaire only involved in choosing the most...

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