Michael Cimino

Actor Michael Cimino
Hervé TropéaJune 29, 2020

A l’affiche de la série Love, Victor, Michael Cimino se confie sur le défi à relever en jouant le rôle d’un jeune homme qui doit faire face à des...

Director Michael Cimino and actors Kris Kristofferson and Isabelle Huppert in Cannes 1980
Ana Maria BahianaMay 24, 2017

By the time Heaven's Gate landed on the Croisette, a trail of rumors, allegations and serious problems was following it like a hound from hell....

Golden Globe winner Michael Cimino, director
H.J. ParkJuly 12, 2016

Golden Globe winning director Michael Cimino died in Los Angeles at age of 77. The HFPA’s HJ Park remembers a career that took him from the glory...

Golden Globe winner Michael Cimino
Luca CeladaJuly 2, 2016

Golden Globe winning director and film visionary Michael Cimino has died. Cimino who was 77.He received the Golden Globe for his 1978 Vietnam War...

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