movie theaters

Masked attendees in movie theater, may 2020
Barbaros TapanSeptember 11, 2020

Movie theaters finally reopened after five months of being closed due to COVID-19. The largest movie theater chain reopened on August 20 with a 15...

An AMC movie theater in San Francisco, 2020
Serge RakhlinAugust 17, 2020

As AMC gets ready to reopen at least 100 of its venues on August 20, it’s betting on a special promotion: 15 cent tickets! About what it cost to...

A movie theater in Garland, Texas, may 2020
Mario AmayaMay 4, 2020

Tras varias semanas de tener prácticamente cerradas todas las salas de cine en el mundo entero, y en algunas partes como China varios meses, la...

A movie theater in Garland, Texas, may 2020
Serge RakhlinMay 4, 2020

Georgia became the first state which allowed its cinemas to reopen on April 27, 2020. Texas followed the trend when governor Gregg Abbott included...

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Online movie theaters
Alexander NevskyApril 4, 2020

All across the world – including in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States – cinemas are closing because of the coronavirus pandemic....

Box office, Saudi Arabia theater
Serge RakhlinJune 14, 2019

By 2020 Saudi Arabia - where public cinema theaters were banned for 35 years - would have invested $35 billion into building theaters, to a total...

A movie theater box office
Serge RakhlinMay 16, 2018

With a $9.95 monthly subscription you can watch as many movies as you want, just by flashing a plastic MoviePass card at the box office of a movie...