Murder on the Orient Express

Scenes from "Coco", "Justice League", "Murder on the Orient Express", "The Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" and "Lady Bird"
Lorenzo SoriaDecember 4, 2017

This uncluttered post-Thanksgiving frame left the US box office without a single major wide release, but several returning titles and expanding...

Manuel Garcia-Fulfo, Daisy Ridley, Leslie Odom Jr., Kenneth Branagh and Johnny Depp
Margaret GardinerNovember 6, 2017

Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express harkens back to another era but is updated with modern and eternal themes – ethnic discrimination,...

Scenes from "Thor: Ragnarok", "Murder on the Orient Express" and "Bad Moms Christmas"
Lorenzo SoriaNovember 6, 2017

There was little surprise this weekend as all of the world’s box office headlines were dominated by Thor: Ragnarok’s US launch. Industry analysts...

Judy Hofflund on set of Murder on the Orient Express with director and star, Kenneth Branagh
Margaret GardinerMarch 6, 2017

“I was very happily not working,” notes Judy Hofflund, who had retired after 30 years in the business as an agent and manager, “but I had to say...

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