Nominee Profiles

Simon Helberg
Scott OrlinDecember 26, 2016

If the first rule of ‘acting club’ is to lie to filmmakers when you really want to get a part, Simon Helberg proudly displays his entry card with...

Jonah Hill
Scott OrlinDecember 26, 2016

Commenting recently about one of his fellow actors, Tom Hanks said, “Jonah Hill is probably the busiest actor on the planet. He was great in War...

Denzel Washington
Sam AsiDecember 26, 2016

After winning the Tony Award in 2010 for playing the lead character, Troy, in August Wilson’s Pulitzer winning play, Fences, Denzel Washington...

Nicole Kidman
Sam AsiDecember 22, 2016

As an adoptive mother, Nicole Kidman felt a special connection with Sue Brierley, whom she plays in the Golden Globes nominated Lion, which tells...

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Jessica Chastain
Silvia BizioDecember 22, 2016

Following a space detour on Mars in The Martian, a transcendental inter-galactic experience in Interstellar, and a detour in a fantasy world with...

Elisa LeonelliDecember 22, 2016

Jeff Bridges was introduced to acting as a child by his actor father Lloyd Bridges, as was his older brother Beau Bridges. “My dad was very...

Mario AmayaJanuary 8, 2015

Which actor can go from Dead Poets Society to Reality Bites, and then morph into such diverse characters as those in Before Sunrise and Boyhood?...

HFPAJanuary 6, 2015

He almost didn’t take the role in The Judge as he thought the character had too many negatives, but once he committed, he did so fully, and the...

Meher TatnaJanuary 6, 2015

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Kirpi Uimonen BallesterosJanuary 6, 2015

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