Norman Reedus

Actor Norman Reedus
Brent SimonJuly 20, 2019

Its very title provides a hint at its mortality and high rate of turnover, but there’s an undeniable shadow hanging over the upcoming 10th season...

Actor Norman Reedus at Comic-Con 2018
Gabriel LermanJuly 24, 2018

A diferencia de muchos de sus compañeros en The Walking Dead, a Norman Reedus se lo puede reconocer desde un kilómetro de distancia, porque aunque...

Actors Danai Gurita and Norman Reedus at Comic-Con 2018
Brent SimonJuly 22, 2018

Loss has always been a big part of The Walking Dead, obviously — it’s a post-apocalyptic show about survivors grappling with a world overrun by...

Norman Reedus
Luca CeladaJuly 22, 2018

Once again, the HFPA is at Comic-Con with a dedicated lounge overlooking the proceedings and steady streams of special guests, old and new, who...

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