A scene from HBO's series "Succession", 2019
Serge RakhlinJuly 22, 2020

The trials and tribulations of rich people have been grist for the mill of many films since forever. It is a given in Latin America where tear-...

Actor Felix Solis
Gabriel LermanMay 15, 2020

Aunque se lo ve a partir de la tercera temporada, la sombra de Omar Navarro, el cruel jefe del cartel Navarro con el que se asocia el personaje de...

Actress Laura Linney
Tina Jøhnk ChristensenMay 5, 2020

El personaje de Laura Linney en Ozark está lejos de ser la típica ama de casa y madre de dos hijos. Así era exactamente como la quería Chris Mundy...

Actress Laura Linney
Tina Jøhnk ChristensenApril 29, 2020

Laura Linney’s character in Ozark is far from not your typical housewife and mother of two. And that’s exactly how she wanted it when showrunner...

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