Power Rangers

Scenes from POwer Rangers, beauty and the Beast and Kong. Skull Island
Serge RakhlinMarch 27, 2017

The Beauty is still charming and the Beast is still roaring at the box office. Beauty and the Beast gross is now close to 700 million dollars...

Scenes from "Beauty and the Beast" and "Power Rangers"
Lorenzo SoriaMarch 27, 2017

Shaking off several new challengers Beauty and the Beast cut down Power Rangers, laughed off Chips, and smothered Life, taking $88 million in its...

Actor Ludy Lin
Lynn TsoMarch 20, 2017

Lionsgate’s new Power Rangers promotes diversity, with the first Chinese superhero Ludi Lin fighting to break racial barriers.

Actrss Becky G
Gabriel LermanMarch 20, 2017

Acaba de cumplir 20 años en marzo, pero en este momento ya es una experimentada cantante y compositora con varios éxitos en una larga carrera...

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The new Power Rangers at Comic-Con 2016
Gabriel LermanJuly 25, 2016

They are pink, black, red, blue and yellow, always in search of justice and have been loved by generations of children since 1993. The Power...