Red Carpet

Vanessa Hudgens, Ronda Rousey and Laura Harrier
Margaret GardinerAugust 13, 2018

Pink is popping, pants suits take on color, and yellow becomes interesting.

John David Washington, Connie Britton, Billy Porter
Margaret GardinerAugust 10, 2018

The stars came out and stunned accepting checks on behalf of charities to which the HFPA donates – on the way they made their mark in the fashion...

Ewan McGregor, Rainy Milo and Kristen Bell
Margaret GardinerAugust 6, 2018

Controlled hairdos continue, material sheens and men mix it up.

Ruth Negga
Margaret GardinerJuly 2, 2018

Ruth Negga takes classic glamour and gives it a current twist. Every aspect of her look is carefully crafted, from her hair, to textures, shapes,...

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Elle Fanning
Margaret GardinerMarch 19, 2018

Elle Fanning, Dakota’s younger sister, has stepped out from the shadow of her sibling, who is a powerhouse talent herself and grew up in the...

Margaret GardinerJanuary 15, 2018

There’s people who wear clothes as personality, something they put on as an extension of who they are that day. Their comfort in who they are is...

Jessica Biel, Steve Carell and Caitriona Balfe
Margaret GardinerJanuary 9, 2018

The look of the night was restrained. Despite the Golden Globes celebrating its 75th anniversary, women embraced the Time’sUp call for black, with...

Catherine Zeta Jones, Alison Brie and Zuri Hall
Margaret GardinerJanuary 9, 2018

How many ways to wear black? Endless. There was a serious feel to the 75th Golden Globes Women turned up determined to be heard. You could see it...

Sean Combs, Leonard DiCaprio, Gerard Butler and Pierce Brosnan
Margaret GardinerDecember 30, 2017

Marvelous men. Scrolling through the years it’s astounding how little has changed in men’s fashion. The black tuxedo is still the staple. However...

Jennifer Lopez, Dakota Johnson and Gwendoline Christie
Margaret GardinerDecember 30, 2017

Looking back at our red-carpet styles, it becomes very clear – sometimes gowns are simply beautiful and need no explanation.We’ve seen the variety...