streaming platforms

Movies on streaming 2020
Serge RakhlinApril 16, 2020

Early fears that TV was going to kill cinema were, the wisdom goes, greatly exaggerated. Until now. The Coronavirus pandemic has led to theaters...

Annoucement of partnership Netflix Mediaset, in Italy, 2019
Serge RakhlinOctober 9, 2019

All American streaming services in Europe, be they established or upcoming, face pretty tough European Union requirements regarding content. To do...

Producer and entrepreneur Jeffery Katzenberg
Serge RakhlinAugust 15, 2019

On April 6, 2020, Jeffrey Katzenberg is launching Quibi, a new streaming service of short episodic content. With over a billion dollars in the...

A screen showing a streaming platform
Serge RakhlinAugust 13, 2019

The European Audiovisual Observatory published data clearly showing that advertising online in Europe is beating ads on traditional TV.В среднем...

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