Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp
Margaret GardinerOctober 19, 2020

Who is that masked man? Go to the end of the gallery to see if you guessed correctly and enjoy the change the cooler temps are bringing. Coats...

Lily Collins
Margaret GardinerOctober 5, 2020

At age 6 costume designer Patricia Field knew her future was entwined with fashion, touting her favorite cowgirl outfit that included “a miniskirt...

Johnny Depp, Maisie Williams, Joe Alwyn
Margaret GardinerSeptember 28, 2020

Fashion is back. Big names are turning up. Let’s note the trends. Black dominated.

Lily Collins
Margaret GardinerSeptember 21, 2020

Lily Collins, the Audrey Hepburn look-alike, stars in Netflix’s Emily in Paris, costumed in Patricia Field’s brand of fashion best epitomized in...

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Kaitlyn Dever
Margaret GardinerSeptember 14, 2020

Kaitlyn Dever is a busy woman. Dropping this month, she appears in Coastal Elites (HBO), directed by Jay Roach, and Monsterland, a horror series...

Tilda Swinton, Georgina Rodriquez, Cate Blanchett
Margaret GardinerSeptember 7, 2020

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic and death, it seems frivolous to focus on fashion. However, because of the dire world state, it is...

Sarah Paulson as Nurse Ratched
Margaret GardinerAugust 17, 2020

The genius of Ratched’s costume designers, Lou Eyrich and Rebecca Guzzi is evident from the first lush image of Netflix’s series on how Nurse...

Sharon Stone
Margaret GardinerAugust 10, 2020

What does a sex symbol wear as she matures? Firstly, Sharon Stone is so much more than her outsides. Talented actress and activist, outspoken...

Sarah Paulson
Margaret GardinerAugust 3, 2020

Sarah Paulson isn’t flashy in the traditional Hollywood sense. But your eye never overlooks her. Her use of color, cut and design shows a woman...

Rosamund Pike
Margaret GardinerJuly 27, 2020

Rosamund Pike (currently Madame Curie in Radioactive) delivers quiet, intense performances that are reflected in her fashion choices. Highly...