TIFF Talk 2017

Steve Carell and Emma Stone
Brent SimonSeptember 13, 2017

Emma Stone and Steve Carell do battle in Battle of the Sexes, based on the wild, real-life story of a made-for-TV tennis match. Films frequently...

Jennifer Lawrence
Jenny Cooney CarrilloSeptember 11, 2017

At only 27, Jennifer Lawrence has won four Golden Globes (Joy, American Hustle, Silver Lining Playbook, Winter’s Bone), one Oscar (Silver Lining...

Actress Julianne Moore in Toronto 2017
Jenny Cooney CarrilloSeptember 10, 2017

Julianne Moore has had a busy month, first hitting the Lido at the Venice Film Festival with co-star Matt Damon and filmmaker George Clooney for...

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