Scenes from "Dumbo", "Us" and "Captain Marvel"
Lorenzo SoriaApril 1, 2019

Disney's live-action remake of Dumbo made it out of the circus tent this weekend with a far from spectacular $45 million launch. Coming 78 years...

Lupita Nyong'o, Evan Alex, and Shahadi Wright Joseph in “Us” (2019)
Lorenzo SoriaMarch 25, 2019

Jordan Peele has scored another hit and cemented himself as one of the world's premier surreal horror directors with Us opening to an outstanding...

A scene from "Us", 2019
Mario AmayaMarch 25, 2019

La taquilla mundial tuvo un mano a mano pesado entre la película de superhéroes Captain Marvel y la historia de terror de Jordan Peele Us, que...

A scene from "Us", 2019
Serge RakhlinMarch 25, 2019

A couple of years ago, in 2017, Jordan Peele scared the world with Get Out – an original horror film with serious social overtones. Here he goes...

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Director, writer Jordan Peele
Rocio AyusoMarch 22, 2019

Jordan Peele hace tiempo que dejó de hacernos gracia. Sus años como actor en comedias como su sketch en MadTV o en filmes como Keanu junto a...

Director Jordan Peele
Tina Jøhnk ChristensenMarch 18, 2019

Ever since his directorial debut with Get Out Jordan Peele has been carving out a unique artistic terrain altering and subverting familiar...