On The Waterfront

A scene from "On the Waterfront", 1954
H.J. ParkJune 4, 2020

On The Waterfront (1954) is a powerful and emotional crime drama directed by Elia Kazan and written by Bud Schulberg. It stars Marlon Brando and...

Marlon Brando , Golden Globe Winner, Best Actor, 1956
Ana Maria BahianaDecember 29, 2017

Let's go back to the Golden Globe Awards of February 24, 1955, at the Ambassador Hotel’s Cocoanut Grove, in Los Angeles, when Marlon Brando...

On the Waterfront movie poster
Silvia BizioNovember 4, 2017

Who can forget Marlon Brando at his method-acting best? “I could have been a contender ... but let's face it, I'm just a bum...” - that became one...

A scene frtom On The Waterfront
H.J. ParkNovember 14, 2016

This November, Walt Disney Concert Hall will turn into a movie palace as three classic films are projected above the stage,while their musical...

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