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Sharon Stone
Margaret GardinerAugust 10, 2020

What does a sex symbol wear as she matures? Firstly, Sharon Stone is so much more than her outsides. Talented actress and activist, outspoken...

Sarah Paulson
Margaret GardinerAugust 3, 2020

Sarah Paulson isn’t flashy in the traditional Hollywood sense. But your eye never overlooks her. Her use of color, cut and design shows a woman...

Rosamund Pike
Margaret GardinerJuly 27, 2020

Rosamund Pike (currently Madame Curie in Radioactive) delivers quiet, intense performances that are reflected in her fashion choices. Highly...

Gerard Butler
Margaret GardinerJuly 20, 2020

Diverse aptly describes Gerard Butler, both in his choices on screen and on the red carpet. With Greenland coming out soon, the Scot known for...

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Millie Bobby Brown
Margaret GardinerJune 29, 2020

Millie Bobby Brown crashed into the zeitgeist on the Netflix hit Stranger Things. At a mere 16 years of age she shows unwavering style. The Brit...

Thandie Newton
Margaret GardinerJune 15, 2020

The London actress reveals her Shona roots, in subtle elegance and grace. The daughter of a Zimbabwean mother and British father blends simplicity...

Josh Gad, Lara McDonnell, Ferdia Shaw
Margaret GardinerJune 8, 2020

"We experimented with a lot of different colors", says Sammy Sheldon Differ, Artemis Fowl's costume designer. "Sir Ken (Branagh, director) was...

Maya Jama, Lady Gaga, Terrence Howard
Margaret GardinerJune 3, 2020

The Golden Globes celebrate the best in entertainment each January, and when they do, the stars stun in designer wear, but the impact of the...

Marquelle Young, London Brown, Sinqua Walls
Margaret GardinerMay 25, 2020

Award-nominated Rita McGhee, a veteran of 20 years in the industry, turns her talents to capturing the look that defined a generation. American...