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Only feature length films (70 minutes or longer) with at least 51% non-English dialogue track first released in their country of origin during the 14-months period from November 1 to December 31, prior to the Awards, are eligible for consideration. Films that originated outside the United States need not have been released in the United States, but each film can only qualify once for consideration. If censorship prevents a film from being released in the country of origin, but had a one week release in the United States, the film qualifies. There is no limit to the number of films that can be submitted from a specific country. The film need not have been released in the United States.

1. There is no limit to the number of films that can be submitted from a specific country.
2. Films that qualify for the best foreign language film award also qualify for Golden Globe awards in all other categories except best motion picture drama and best motion picture musical or comedy which are for English-language films exclusively.
3. Films may be submitted for best foreign language film award consideration only once and will not be eligible for Golden Globe award consideration in any category in any subsequent award year.

All members qualified to vote for Golden Globe Awards should be invited to a screening of the eligible foreign language film in the Los Angeles area.

1. The film's screening date must be cleared and registered with the Motion Picture Association Of America (MPAA). Contact Yulia Dashevsky at 818-995-6600. Clearing a date helps to avoid screening conflict with other official screenings; the HFPA office will liaise with the MPAA to clear a suitable date.
2. The film must be screened in the greater Los Angeles area by the date given in the official Golden Globe Awards Timetable. However, we encourage foreign language films to screen as early in the year as possible to avoid the end of year crush.
3. The selection and renting of the screening room is the responsibility of the producer or distributor of the film.
4. The film must be screened in its original language with English subtitles.
5. The screening need not be exclusively for members of the HFPA. A public, press or festival screening would fulfill the requirement as long as the members are invited.
6. In addition to the "official" screening cleared with the MPAA, members could be invited to other screenings of the film, if there are any.

Invitations to the screening should be sent directly to members of the HFPA. The office will provide a directory of the membership and mailing labels if needed. Alternatively, the HFPA office can send the invitations directly to the members, which is helpful for films which do not yet have distributors attached. We recommend that an RSVP number is included to monitor numbers of members planning to attend. Please contact the HFPA office at 310-657-1731.

Screening Rooms:
Many screening rooms are used all over the city for the presentation of foreign language films, and you will find a list of the ones used regularly for screenings by either clicking the next link or copy/pasting it into your browser. www.hfpa.org/screeningrooms/

An entry form must be duly completed and returned to the HFPA no later than ten working days after the official screening date. To be listed on the official HFPA Reminder List all entry forms must be fully completed and submitted no later than the deadline given in the official Golden Globe Awards Timetable.

Only active members vote for the Golden Globe Awards. The voting is monitored by an accounting firm and is done in two phases - Nominations and Final vote.

A nomination ballot with a "Reminder list" of qualifying films is mailed to each eligible member requesting that he or she vote for up to five nominees in each award category. The completed ballot is returned directly to the accounting firm.

Final Vote:
Once the nominations have been announced, a final ballot, listing the five final nominees, is mailed to the members requesting that each member select one nominee in each category. The completed ballot is returned to the accounting firm.

Results and Announcement:
The final results are known only by the accounting firm and are kept secret until the announcement at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony.
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