At D23, The Whole World of Disneymania

by HFPA August 17, 2015

D23 is Disney’s response to Comic-Con, a “fan fest” designed to foster maximum engagement and excitement for the studio projects, memorabilia and that elusive (and lucrative) concept: Disney culture.

So on the weekend of August 14-15, when temperatures soared over 100 degrees throughout Southern California, the studio gathered fans and media at the Anaheim Convention Center for the fourth D23 Expo – the bi-annual celebration of all things Disney. The massive exposition hall of the Convention Center was taken over by stands covering the most arcane details of Disneymania, from vintage animation cels to Frozen karaoke booths, while in the Center’s cavernous auditorium. Executives and talent held elaborate presentations of the studio’s animation and live action projects for the coming months and years.

The whole enterprise is a shining example of Disney’s savvy in maintaining its appeal to generation after generation, through the creation of “mythological” content that can be refreshed and repurposed at will. It also highlights, were it necessary, the studio’s savvy in maintaining control of the promotional and merchandising machine surrounding its product.

This year’s Expo highlighted how much Walt Disney’s studio has changed over the last years. By acquiring or partnering with other creators of modern mythology – Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm – the 21st century Disney expanded its reach and avoided the fatal trap of irrelevancy. In fact, the major stars of this year’s announcements were properties generated by these new ventures: Lucasfilm’s Star Wars franchise, that will soon became part of both Disneyland and Disneyworld; the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse; and Pixar.

Ana Maria Bahiana

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