What is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association?

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is a non-profit organization, the members of which are international journalists based in Southern California. The HFPA has about 90 members who disseminate information about movies and television to the world through their various publications throughout the world. HFPA members attend more than 300 interviews and countless movie and television screenings throughout each year. The group also is famous for starting and continuing to co-produce the annual Golden Globe Awards, held in January each year, and for its philanthropic activities.

Who runs the HFPA?

A president, vice-president, executive secretary, treasurer and board of directors are elected from among the members each year. The general membership meets monthly and has the final say on all decisions. The HFPA also has four full-time employees, who are not members.

How is the HFPA funded?

The HFPA receives substantial licensing fees for the network broadcasting rights to the Golden Globe Awards and from associated activities such as Golden Globe Awards pre-shows.

Apart from running the Association, how is this money used?

The HFPA has an annual grants program that distributes sums among various entertainment-related non-profits and to entertainment-related scholarships at major educational institutions. In 2015, the HFPA gave grants totaling a record $2.1 million dollars, bringing their overall donations to more than $21 million.

How do I contact the HFPA?

The HFPA offices are located at 646 North Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, CA, 90069-5022, USA. Email: ggoeckner@hfpa.org