Grant Applications

Annual Application Deadline is the last business day of March.


HFPA Philanthropy - The HFPA Charitable Trust

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Charitable Trust (the HFPA Trust) was established to provide financial support for educational and cultural non-profit organizations whose primary focus is the entertainment industry. The HFPA Trust is the philanthropic arm of the HFPA. Funding for HFPA Fellowships and Grants is derived from HFPA's income from the Golden Globe Awards. Since 1989, the HFPA Trust has bestowed more than $44 million in fellowships and grants to film schools and non-profit organizations.

HFPA Grant Purpose and Goals

Throughout our history, the majority of HFPA's funding has been dedicated to advancing and preserving the culture and art of motion pictures. Our funding is principally directed to the following goals:

  1. Nurture the development of young artists in film and television through support for:
    • Scholarships/ fellowships and other support to undergraduate and graduate film schools in the United States (see separate guidelines under Applying for HFPA Grants to Film Schools);
    • Pre-professional education and training programs for talented young artists from diverse backgrounds, primarily in the Los Angeles region; and
    • High-caliber professional training and mentoring that successfully advance the projects, skills and industry relationships of outstanding new filmmakers worldwide.
  2. Preserve the culture and history of motion pictures by supporting:
    • Film preservation and archival programs with national and international significance; and
    • Major film retrospectives that showcase master works and prominent filmmakers of world cinema to advance knowledge and appreciation among diverse audiences, primarily in the Los Angeles area; and
    • Projects that protect Hollywood's rich motion picture history and recreate the early movie going experience for audiences.
  3. Promote cultural exchange and understanding through support for major programs and exhibitions that utilize film to ignite critical dialogue and promote global understanding. Priority is given to activities and events in the Los Angeles area.
  4. Support a robust and free press, the protection of journalists and of the access to news and information.
  5. Support special projects, educational and cultural activities connected with the entertainment industry.

Applying for Funding from the HFPA Trust

The HFPA Trust considers grant applications in the spring of each year. The Trustees of the HFPA Trust carefully review all grant requests and make recommendations to the entire HFPA membership. Applications are due on the last business day of March, and applicants will be notified in July if their grant has been approved. Grant awards are presented during the HFPA Annual Grants Banquet, usually held in late summer.

Grant Parameters and Restrictions

To be considered for funding, organizations must have either a valid tax-exemption from the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 charitable organization and not as a private foundation or be a public institution.

While the majority of grants are given to Los Angeles-based organizations, the HFPA Trust also supports educational institutions and selected wider reaching programs that are national, and in limited cases, international in scope.

Grants are made on an annual basis and the grant period is not longer than one year.†Past grantees must submit HFPA's required reports on previous grant expenditures and activities before additional funding will be considered.

The HFPA Trust does not provide grants to individuals, for fundraising events and drives (memberships, benefits, etc.) or for excessive overhead and/or administrative costs. With few exceptions, grants are not made to film festivals.

Application Procedures

Please make sure that your grant request falls within the Trust's goals and grant parameters otherwise we cannot support you, no matter how worthy your cause. All eligible organizations must complete a grant application, which includes an Application Cover Form, a narrative proposal, a project budget, and required attachments.

Note that separate application information is required for General Financial Grants Film School Fellowship Grants, One-Time Institutional Support Grants, Press Freedom and Journalism Grants, and LA-based Foreign Language Film Festival Grants. See these links for specific application requirements. YOU MUST COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and include it with the actual submitted application. If you have problems printing the form, please request a preprinted form from

Please submit the grant application form(s) and all required supplemental materials to

Please note that if you need an extension to the grant application deadline, please send your request to

If you have questions, please email the grants officer at

Because the HFPA Trust's resources are limited, we are not able to fund all the worthy applications received. Unfortunately, some applicants may be declined regardless of their individual merit.