Institutional Support Grant Application

Institutional Support

Current HFPA grantees may apply for an institutional support grant. This funding is based on the merit of a special request, and is not provided as annual funding. In most cases, HFPA will not provide institutional support for more than one year. Requests should include a clear explanation of need, budget and a recognition plan. Institutional support grants may be used for special equipment or facility needs of current grantees.  Although the HFPA prefers that 100% of its funding is used for the designated project, if necessary, overhead and indirect costs not to exceed 15% of the total grant may be deducted by the grantee

Application Requirements:  Applications for institutional support must be submitted as part of the grantee’s HFPA grant application. Please submit two (2) copies of the completed application cover form and proposal narrative and one (1) copy of the required attachments. You may also attach one (1) copy of any other items that you believe may support your application.

Proposal Narrative: Please prepare a proposal of no more than four pages, using at least 12-point font, addressing the following questions: Request Statement: One sentence describing the proposed project including the grant amount requested, the project title, what will be accomplished.

Proposed Project: Outline the proposed project for which HFPA institutional support is requested. Please be brief while providing as much detail as possible about the plans and expected results for the project. Include information about how the proposed project fits with or expands upon the school’s goals.

Case for Support: Identify the need that the proposed project addresses and the value it will have for students and the film school. How will HFPA support make a difference, and why is it needed at this time? Acknowledgements: Explain the manner in which the HFPA grant will be acknowledged. This should include, as appropriate, naming of new facilities, recognition in publications, media coverage, screening credits, and public announcements at funded and other selected events.

Project Budget: Describe the total budget for the project, how specifically the HFPA grant will be used, and other sources of financial support. Provide a numeric budget for the proposed project with a breakdown of anticipated costs, including administrative overhead, if any. Explain how cost estimates for major budget elements were determined. If this is an ongoing program, include your future funding plans. For inquiries regarding the HFPA Trust's Grants program, contact our Grants Officer at Please submit the grant application form(s) and all required and supplemental materials to:

Hollywood Foreign Press AssociationAttn: Grants OfficerP.O. Box 753149 S. Barrington AvenueLos Angeles, CA 90049-3310

If possible, email a Word and/or PDF copy of the Narrative to If you have any questions, please email the Grants Officer at