De Los Santos, Inés

Inés De Los Santos

CountryDominican Republic
PositionInternational Voter
OutletsCinefila en RD (Dominican Republic) (Dominican Republic)
Adopresci (Dominican Republic)

I am a producer, screenwriter and professional critic, with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Media and an MFA in Screenwriting. I have participated and won awards for my short films in film festivals focused on female and Hispanic filmmakers. The stories that interest me are generally related to social issues, such as migration, gender equality, racism, hate crimes, injustice and corruption. I plan to continue writing stories for movies, TV series or web series that mirror what's going on in our world, with a more specific view pertaining to the Hispanic population, with stories located both in their native countries and also in their lives abroad. In 2021, I launched my own audiovisual production, which targets independent projects made for minorities.