Golden Globes: 2 Nominations
Andrew Garfield

Andrew Russell Garfield (born August 20, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, raised in England) made his film debut in Lions for Lambs (2007) directed by Robert Redford with Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep, played Facebook co-founder Eduardo Severin in The Social Network (2010) by David Fincher, acted with Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley in Never Let Me Go (2010) from the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. He played Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and sequel (2014) directed by Marc Webb with Emma Stone as his girlfriend Gwen Stacy. He starred in 99 Homes (2015) with Michael Shannon. In 2016 he plays a World War II hero in Hacksaw Ridge directed by Mel Gibson, a Jesuit priest in 17th century Japan in Silence by Martin Scorsese.