Ellen Barkin

2 Nominations

Ellen Barkin (born in The Bronx, New York City, April 16, 1954) acted in movies like Diner (1982) by Barry Levinson, Tender Mercies (1983) by Bruce Beresford with Robert Duvall, The Big Easy (1986) by Jim McBride with Dennis Quaid, Johnny Handsome (1989) by Walter Hill with Mickey Rourke, Sea of Love (1989) by Harold Becker with Al Pacino, Switch (1991) by Blake Edwards with Jimmy Smits, Men Trouble (1992) by Bob Rafelson with Jack Nicholson, Into the West (1992) by Mike Newell with Gabriel Byrne, This Boy’s Life (1993) by Michael Caton-Jones with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, Wild Bill (1995) by Walter Hill with Jeff Bridges, Another Happy Day (2011) by Sam Levinson.

On television Barkin acted in Clinton and Nadine (1988), Before Women Had Wings (1997), The New Normal (2012-2013), Animal Kingdom (2016-2019).