Golden Globes: 1 Nomination, 1 Win

Jared Leto (born in Bossier City, Louisiana, December 26, 1971) won a Golden Globe for playing a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club (2013) starring Matthew McConaughey. Leto starred in films like Prefontaine (1997), Requiem for a Dream (2000) by Darren Aronofsky, Alexander (2004) by Oliver Stone, Mr. Nobody (2009). He played supporting roles in Girl, Interrupted (1998) by James Mangold with Angelina Jolie, Fight Club (1999) with Brad Pitt and Panic Room (2002) with Jodie Foster, both directed by David Fincher, American Psycho (2000) with Christian Bale. He plays the Joker in Suicide Squad (2016). Leto is also a musician performing with his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars.

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