Every year, on the occasion of the installation of the new president and officers, the HFPA awards grants to a variety of entertainment-related charities. In August 2018, the HFPA gave away $3.25 million in donations to 80 institutions- 12 of them for the first time-, during a gala dinner packed with stars at the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel - the same place where the Golden Globes are handed out.

The amount tops the 2017 contributions of more than $2 million and brings the total amount given away by the HFPA to $33 million over the last 25 years. 

Opening the evening, HFPA president Meher Tatna reminded the audience of the significance of keeping the grants program going especially in difficult times and asserted the commitment of the HFPA to philanthropy, and the continuation of the special events which have marked the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Globes.

Tatna also highlighted the recent grant in support of RAICES, purveyor of legal services to immigrant families and instrumental in the effort of reuniting families forcefully separated at the US border. “I am an immigrant and so are 99% of my colleagues”, Tatna said. “Our mandate has always been to give back to the people and the country who gives us so much. “

Host William H. Macy greeted the audience with a wink to the other night that takes place in the International Ballroom - “Listen, guys, we got this joint to ourselves” – before formally introducing the grants presenters: “No collusion, fake news, draining the swamp or alternative facts tonight - we are here to do good”, Macy said.  “We should we be proud of our generosity", he added, reminding the audience that, just in the past decade, the HFPA has given out $25 million in grants. "We're here for the cause", said Lena Waithe, presenting the grant to Women in Film's Production Program.

Besides established grantees such as Women in Film, Museum of the Moving Image Museum, Film Independent, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and the Sundance Institute, several nonprofits received their first grants. Among them, Cal State Dominguez Hills and the Southwestern Law School, both focused on a diverse student body, and The Actor’s Gang’s Education Department, which introduces theater to young people.

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