Cannes 2017, Day Two: Wish You Were Here

by Ana Maria Bahiana May 18, 2017
Hollywood Reporter Vendors
Cannes Security
Cannes Film Festival 2017- want tickets
 A general view during a screening at the L'Oreal Paris cinema club during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 17, 2017 in Cannes, France.
Bottles in display at the Locarno Film Festival Reception
Susan Sarandon
Director Todd Haynes, actor Jaden Michael, actresses Millicent Simmonds, actress Julianne Moore, screenwriter Brian Selznic and actress Michelle Williams
Julianne Moore
Elle Fanning
Susan Sarandon in Canens 2017
T.J. Miller and Kate Gorney

Cannes is aspirational - the blend of unadultered Riviera douceur and Hollywood glamour creates a unique experience for novice and experienced festivalgoer alike. The small city - population 73,000 - changes with the influx of the show business travelling circus and the cohorts it drags around, and it has changed even more in the last couple of years, with heavier security everywhere. But it is still something else, busy and frantic but also sweet and fun, speaking of higher goals: better films! more art! more good wine!