Golden Globes History: Millenium Approaches (1980-1999)

by Ana Maria Bahiana December 11, 2019
Cher, Golden Globe winner 1984
Kathleen Turner, Dudley Moore, 1985
Miami Vice stars Don Johnson and Edward James Olmos

As another decade ends, we look back at 77 years of Golden Globes.

The last years of the 20th Century are expansive times - optimism reigns, hair is big and shoulders are strong. All the while, in silence at first, the terrible AIDS scourge wreaks havoc in the industry, cutting a path of destruction through friendships, families and entire cities. Firmly established in the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton, in Beverly Hills, the Golden Globes are a televised event with the requisite red carpet, enthusiastic fans and a battery of flashbulbs and TV cameras. It is also a family affair - stars come with their spouses, sometimes their whole families. Hollywood churns out big (that word again...) action movies, and a new wave of independent filmmakers offer a counterpoint to big entertainment with smaller, more intimate explorations.

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