Golden Globes History: The Years Of Change (1960-1979)

by Ana Maria Bahiana December 11, 2019
Mia Farrow, Most Promising Actress, Golden Globes 1965
Host Andy Williams and World Female Film Favorite Natalie Wood, 1967
Dustin Hoffman and his Golden Globe for The Graduate, 1968
John Cassavetes and Cybil Shepherd at the 34th Golden Globes, 1977

As another decade ends, we look back at 77 years of Golden Globes.

The Studio System has its last hurrah; social and cultural turmoil shakes the US and Europe, and a massive generation - the post-war Baby Boomers - demand new everything: cinema, music, fashion, customs. The Golden Globes shuttle between the Cocoanut Grove of the Ambassador Hotel and the Beverly Hilton, both hot spots of LA nightlife; the brand new Century Plaza is added to the circuit in the 1970s. The event is firmly established as the party of parties, the fun-filled meeting point for stars, honchos, and their entourages. Europe is a major influence: in talent, filmmakers, styles. A new wave of actors and directors pops up halfway through these crucial decades and firm their grasp on what would soon be called The New Hollywood. The HFPA begins its philanthropic actions with a Charities Fund; new awards are created - some stick around, some won't survive these turbulent decades. The times they are a-changing.

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