It's Just Another Day of Snow

by Ana Maria Bahiana January 22, 2018
Park City after the snowstorm
Reed Morano and Peter Dinklage in Sundance 2018
Gus Van Sant and cast of Don'T worry meet HFPA
Gus Van Sant and Jack Black
Ethan Hawke at the post-premiere of Blaze
Barry Keoghan and Evan Peters at Sundance 2018
Jon Hamm, Jada Pinkett and Jaden Smith at Sundnace 2018

Two Sundance regulars- a snowstorm and Jon Hamm- made their expected appearance over the weekend. Buzz started to circulate, while stars and filmmakers met the press - and that, of course, includes us, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Sundance 2018 is in full swing - and it will always be another day of snow.