Looking Back At Golden Globes History: Into The Digital Age (2000-2015)

by Ana Maria Bahiana January 8, 2016

The new century starts rough: a blast of horror and fear, wars and financial crisis. But the digital era can't, won't be stopped. The expansion of the internet over broadband changes how we communicate, work and move. And, ultimately, how we enjoy ourselves. The digital age is upon us and, two decades into the new century, has already completely transformed the entertainment industry. We take in our visual stories everywhere, now - home, gym, theater, on the go. Celluloid is a relic. New distribution channels challenge the established powers-that-be, creating new opportunities for talent behind and in front of the camera and bringing new narratives to the forefront. The Golden Globes follow these transformations closely, quickly recognizing new projects, faces and ideas. The annual gala is a major success all over the world, one of the top awards events of the season. The Association has a strong presence online and on social media,engaging a new generation of fans. The possibilities are endless.

All photos: HFPA Archives

Research and text: Ana Maria Bahiana