From Palme d'Or to Golden Globe: 70 Years of a Common Passion for Film

by Ana Maria Bahiana May 16, 2017
Ernest Borgnine, Michael Haneke, Holly Hunter and Chen Kaige at the Golden Globes
A scene from the movie "Marty"
Scene from the movie Friendly Persuasion
A scene from the movie Black Orpheus
A scene from the film M*A*S*H
A scene from the film Apocalypse Now
A scene from the film "The Mission"
A scene from the film "Pelle The Conqueror"
Scene from the film "The Piano"
Scene from the film Farewell My Concubine
Scene from the film "Pulp Fiction"
Scene from the film "Secrets & Lies"
Scene from the film "The White Ribbon"
Scene from the film "Amour"

The Golden Globes precede the Cannes Film Festival by five years –  Cannes is celebrating 70 years and the Globes will have their 75th gala on January 7th, 2018. But the two events caught up with each other rather quickly. It makes sense – both the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and Cannes were born of the impulse for peace and cooperation through film, after the devastation of World War II; and both have a cosmopolitan, inclusive view of what “film” is all about.

Of the 70 films that received Cannes’ higher distinction, the Palme d’Or, 55 were nominated for one or more Golden Globes. And 14 achieved our highest honor – a Golden Globe, either as best motion picture comedy or best motion picture drama, best foreign language motion picture, best director, score, screenplay or best actor or actress.